Gill Children’s Services Holiday Gift Donations

The Corvette Club of Texas once again played Santa Claus to local children, who we have on good authority, have been nice all year.

Thank you to the Gill Children’s Services for partnering with us!

If you missed the toy drive you can still donate here.

CCT members met at the Gill Children Family Services facility in Ft Worth Monday, afternoon December 20th to present the gifts that CCT members had purchased for 17 children. Members were able to meet the parents and children

who came by to pick up their large bags

of wrapped gifts. Gifts included an electric scooter, coats, slacks, shirts/blouses, socks, shoes, makeup, necklaces, toys, etc. Of course, also included were educational toys that will provide many hours of enjoyment, which these parents and c

hildren will never forget.

CCT members have been adopting numerous families for the past 30 years at Christmas time with children which are identified by Gill Children Family Services. These families do not have funds available to purchase gifts for their children. This year one thoughtful young family with 2 small children gave flower bouquets to the Gill Children’s Director and CCT. It was an emotional moment and brought tears to attending members, Gill Staff, and the parents!

In addition to giving the family gifts again this year, CCT provided each

family 17 Target $40-gift cards to purchase food, ph

armacies, clothing, diapers, etc. as needed. This gesture helps contribute to meeting their family’s needs.

Thank you to all the CCT members for adopting, purchasing, wrapping, and bagging the gifts for these children.

After leaving the Gill Children’s facility the CCT group when to the Mexican Inn where we had excellent service, food, and socialization. We exchange

d many stories and had a great time visiting each other. I am sure that after this annual Christmas experience the group will be looking forward to continuing this worthwhile tradition for December 2022.

-Paul Wolter

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