Full Membership is available to registered Corvette owners and their spouses. Members who join in this capacity and subsequently dispose of their Corvette may retain Full Membership provided they keep the Club dues current and do not have a break in membership. If a break occurs in membership and the former member does not have a Corvette, the requirements for membership at the time of reapplication are in effect. Each Full Member has one vote that may be cast on any item of Club interest brought to a vote and on the candidate of their choice in any Club election.

The period of membership for all members will run from January through December. Full dues are paid for the first year of membership and credit is given on a pro-rata basis on the second year membership dues for the months after January that the member joined. Life Membership will be determined by 20 years of continuous participation from the month of first joining the CCT, provided there is no break in membership. Only time as a Full Member counts toward Life Membership.

Dues for membership in the Corvette Club of Texas are as follows:

Full Member, Individual Membership- $20.00 per year (Corvette Owner)
Joint Member or Spouse- $20.00 per year (Corvette Co-owner)
Associate Member- $20.00 per year (Corvette Enthusiast**)
Active Life Member (20+ years)- No Dues
Honorary Member- No Dues

**Associate members are those with an interest in Corvette cars, but not current owners; this category is limited to a maximum of 20% of prior year CCT member/owners.  Associate members have the right to vote, but not to hold office per the CCT constitution. 

Application for membership is made by presenting the completed Corvette Club of Texas and the National Council of Corvette Clubs applications for membership along with the first year’s dues, to the Membership Director. After submitting the two applications, please mail a check payable to CCT for your dues to: Mary Wolter, 4520 Fonda Dr., Arlington, TX 76017-1317.

Corvette Club of Texas Membership Application

The Corvette Club of Texas is affiliated with the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC). Membership in the NCCC is mandatory for the first year of CCT membership and highly recommended for subsequent years. To maintain affiliation with the NCCC, the CCT is required to sustain a 51% membership in the NCCC. In order to maintain the affiliation, the following actions will be taken in the event of NCCC participation falling below 51%. The Chair of the Board of Directors will contact non-NCCC members and request that they participate in NCCC Membership in order to maintain CCT affiliation with the NCCC. If there are no volunteers, a random drawing will be held of the non-NCCC members, with the randomly chosen CCT members being required to join the NCCC or lose their CCT membership.

Dues for membership in the National Council of Corvette Clubs are as follows:

New NCCC Member- $35.00 per year*
Renewals- $25.00 per year*
Spousal/ Partner Membership- $10.00 per year*
Lifetime Membership- $335.00*

*NCCC dues are per NCCC rules and are subject to change.

NCCC Membership Application (required for first year CCT members, recommend afterwards)

Corvette Club of Texas Emergency Medical Form Please print, place in a sealed envelop and deliver to the Membership Director along with your dues.

CCT Membership Bylaws/ Operation and Management– Voted by General Membership, December 2020